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The region in which we live is one of the most important agricultural regions in Iran. Maragheh city of East Azarbaijan province, which is known as the garden of the historical city of Iran. Therefore, considering this potential, the spark of establishing an online store was struck in our minds. And we decided to make buying and selling agricultural products easier for producers and consumers on this site.

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Introducing Iran

Iran is one of the countries where agriculture has flourished for a long time. Iran is considered as 4 seasons due to the vastness of a country. Therefore, different agricultural products are produced in different parts of Iran.

The most famous agricultural products of Iran are saffron, nuts, apples, etc.


  • CAPITAL: Tehran
  • POPULATION: 83,024,745
  • AREA: 636,372 square miles (1,648,105 square kilometers)
  • AREA OF AGRICUITURAL LAND: 16.5 million hectares
  • MAJOR PRODUCTS: Saffron, Nuts, Walnut, Pistachio, Hazel-nut, Almond, Apple, grape, Date, Grain